Adventures of selling online

I'm sure many of my followers on Instagram now know I have a website. This has been an interesting journey. It is one thing to post something for sale on Instagram and quite another to be able to have a store front there for people to actually shop. In the middle of it all is Facebook which of course owns Instagram. I had to meet certain criteria in order to be approved for Instagram shopping and to be able to connect it to my Facebook page which is also connected to my Shopify catalogue. A Facebook shop was not that difficult, but there are 2 different back end interfaces to manage everything and a plethora of ways they show you to update your page, etc. And let's not get started on Google Merchant Center which you also have to connect to Shopify. I am grateful for the free Google listings for sure, but now into my 2nd month on Shopify I have yet to make a sale on either Shopify, Facebook or Instagram! I can tell you, however, that my Ebay Hot Wheels sales have picked up. 2 sales via Ebay promoted listings, but with Ebay one can only guess where that was seen.  I can only chuckle. I do feel immeasurably educated and as one that has always sold something online I like to think this was a semi fun way to learn some really hard concepts. I do think that the knowledge will help with my auction gallery sales at some point. Meanwhile, I will keep adding extra cars to my catalog. I am running out of space to store them and there is so much good stuff coming, please help me out!

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