Coming up on social media

As most of you know, I have an Instagram account where I spend the majority of time. Mostly liking and looking at other folk's stuff instead of posting my own, but anyway! So I made a Tik Tok account because according to all the gurus that is where it's at. All I can tell you is I haven't spent much time on there and it almost gives me a headache when I login. My brain can't handle all the busyness, but I am trying. I am also Sonya's Hotwheels over there and I have a couple of videos posted. 

I try to post different stuff on Instagram than I do Facebook, but being able to post to both at the same time is pretty nice I have to say. I look to add social media handles to this website if I can figure it out. Shopify is a real challenge. I don't get much traffic here just yet, but I haven't advertised either. I also have a Pinterest account, but I don't see much opportunity there, so the focus will be these 3 for now. I have pre ordered the new Hot Wheels racing game and plan to stream my game play, but not sure about the platform just yet. I know Twitch is a big one for this and there is Youtube, but I am scared of that, so I may end up on Twitch. Wherever it is, please make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and I will let you know. 

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